This course has been designed to provide the knowledge and working experience on emerging technologies in product design, manufacturing and maintenance techniques. This course aims to focus on discussing the maintenance and condition monitoring issues at product design and manufacturing level. The proper operation of machinery is closely allied to the condition of various components such as rolling element bearings, cams, gears etc. Catastrophic failures of these components may cause expensive machine shutdowns, human casualties and may also affect the associated systems. This necessitates the use of highly sophisticated fault detection techniques to check for the smooth operation regularly. This workshop also aims to bring together all the learners in this field of product design, manufacturing and condition monitoring under one roof to share and build a knowledge based platform.
This course will showcase some of the state-of-the-art manufacturing and maintenance facilities available at the Institute so that students and researchers from nearby Institutes could access these facilities in future and make best use of the resources available.


    • Ergonomic aspects in product design, Design intent capturing for product design
    • Advance manufacturing processes, Hybrid Finishing Processes, Micromachining, Fabrication of Microchannels, abrasive jet machining, simulation of manufacturing systems
    • Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Precision Machining, Machining of Difficult to Machine Materials
    • Additive manufacturing techniques, bio-medical applications, Rapid tooling, Data preparation for additive manufacturing
    • Advancement in CNC Technology, computational geometry for CNC machining through MATLAB programming
    • Metal Forming, Incremental sheet forming, Welding & Surface Engineering
    • Introduction to noise and vibration- sources and their effects, vibration measurements
    • Vibration signal analysis techniques
    • Fault classification techniques in bearings and gears